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North Colorado Springs ChiropractorOur North Springs Chiropractic locationis run by Dr. Randy Knoche and was established in 1986. Dr. Knoche and his team specialize in many different avenues of pain management treatment. His main focus is chiropractic treatment but also includes muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, dry needling and acupuncture, and so much more.

Do you play tennis? Are you a marathon runner? If you play sports you have probably experienced an injury or two, whether serious or minor. One of Dr. Knoche’s areas of expertise is sports injuries, which can range anywhere from golfer’s elbow, patellar tendonitis, or rotator cuff issues. Don’t let nagging sports injuries cause pain or keep you sidelined. At Springs Chiropractic we want all of our athletes to feel fit and ready to participate in their favorite sports pain free.

Work and auto injuries should not continue causing you pain. If your injury is still hurting you, contact Colorado Springs’ best chiropractor to create a client specific pain management plan. Dr. Knoche can use a variety of minimally invasive adjustment techniques that will soothe your pain and aid in repairing any lingering injuries.
Dr. Knoche, at Springs Chiropractic’s North location can provide you with numerous treatments to relieve your chronic pain. Imagine feeling no pain as you climb stairs, hit the tennis ball, or simply walk down the street, it is possible to live a pain free life without having major surgery. If you experience headaches, back pain, shoulder, hip pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome, our chiropractic doctors will treat you while working hard to make you pain free which will certainly improve your quality of life at work and at home.
Schedule an appointment with Springs Chiropractic to find out how Dr. Knoche can change your life by healing your injuries and relieving your pain.

Address: 1802 Chapel Hills Dr, Suite E
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

Colorado Springs

North Springs Chiropractic Location
Latitude: 38 deg 56 min 39.2 sec N
Longitude: 104 deg 47 min 31.1 sec W
Dr. Randy Knoche
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Phone: (719) 531-7188

Fax: (719) 531-0880

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