Originating in ancient China, acupuncture has been a traditional healing method for thousands of years, effective in treating many types of muscle strains and sprains. The western modification, known as dry needling, aims for pressure points and knotted muscle fibers. Acupuncture methods are able to promote healing in the specific places required by each individual case. It can be used to treat conditions varying widely in nature from bed wetting, to infertility, to dry macular degeneration, to headaches or neck pain.

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Unique to Springs Chiropractic, and what makes us the top provider of acupuncture in Colorado Springs, CO, is our use of single-use needles to ensure the safety of our patients. Our acupuncturist James Pulciani has been in practice for more than a decade, and has a deep understanding of the history and methods involved. James earned his masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1998, and has written text materials and coursework in anatomy and physiology geared toward massage therapy and ancient Chinese medicine including acupuncture.

The main use of acupuncture is for treating muscle pain. Using the accu-points in different groups of “muscle chains”, we can administer treatment very precisely for greater effect. By inserting extremely small needles into an aggravated muscle, the vicious cycle of irritation and re-injuring can be stopped and healing can begin, providing almost instant relief.

The needling technique consists of sterilizing the skin and needles, then inserting the needles, often using a plastic tube guide. The needles can be manipulated by the acupuncturist in various ways, such as spinning, flicking, or moving them back and forth. A quick insertion of the needles prevents any pain felt in the superficial layers of tissue. The extremely small wound created by the needles will release histamine that opens up blood-flow, allowing nutrients to enter and painful toxins and waste to exit the body.

Finding specialists knowledgeable in the ways of acupuncture in Colorado Springs, CO doesn’t need to be difficult. Springs Chiropractic knows the way and will create a treatment plan just for you that will also work holistically with your chiropractic care.