Angela Darling is a native of Colorado Springs. She graduated top of her class from Clary Sage College. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of the human entity and specializes in medical, sports massage, and cupping. Angela gives each client thoughtful, individualized care, always tending to the whole person.


Our bodies are a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, and accumulated experiences, supple sculptures of the well-worn pathways of our neurological connections. Unfortunately, our western culture often fosters a disconnected relationship with our bodies that inhibits our ability to function fully within them. On one end, it may simply manifest in reduced athletic performance, and on the other, it can mean complete dissociation from the body. However, good bodywork has the power to rewire our psychology from the bottom up without uttering a word. Massage can be a powerful bio-feedback tool, re-introducing us to our bodies and creating wholesome neurological connections that ripple out to every area of our lives.