In finding the cause of neck pain, back pain, headaches, and other common musculo-skeletal conditions, our pain management doctors find that often part of the primary problem can be found in core weaknesses.  These weaknesses are often brought about by poor posture at work or compensating for a long standing or old injury.  If it hurts to bend to the left we often stop bending to the left and a weakening of the “left bending muscles” occurs.  By utilizing our doctor directed personal training, the therapeutic exercise ball and many other easily taught and executed floor exercises, we can restore flexibility, strength, balance, and mechanical function, reducing your back pain, neck pain, headaches or other musculo-skeletal conditions.

Question:  Does this mean that weakness is the cause of back pain?

Answer:  In many cases, it is a strong contributing factor.  There are, however, many factors to be considered.  Disc herniation, degenerative arthritis, stenosis, misalignment, myofascial syndromes, and nerve compressions and entrapments must all be considered as co-conspirators.  Any of the above conditions must be addressed first by the doctor and then a core exercise program can be used to stabilize and put finishing touches on a treatment regimen.

Core strength provides margin for error and protects the spine from many of the activities of daily living that threaten to cause injury and pain.

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