Dr. Clapper is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer in the field of Occupational Injury Prevention. His background includes private practice, teaching as a clinical physician at Palmer College of Chiropractic and training athletes from professional and semi-pro ranks to coaching Jr. High wrestling.

Dr. Clapper knows how the human body is designed to perform, how it works with least risk of injury and how injuries heal stronger and faster. He has dedicated his career and reputation to the prevention of injuries in the occupational arena with airline personnel, fire services/first responders, police, public works, distribution, transportation, utility/energy, housekeeping, food service, trades professionals, etc.

“My goal is immediate impact on injury rates. My purpose is to help people understand how their bodies work biomechanically and to use them properly all the time in order to prevent injuries both at work and at home.

Even though we’ve lived in our bodies our whole lives, most people have never learned how to use them properly. This is evidenced by the high percentage of unnecessary injuries and re-injuries to backs, shoulders, necks, wrists, knees, etc.

“My mission is to change this.”