Head, shoulders, knees, and…elbows. The impact of high-impact.

As Coloradans and sports enthusiasts we know that the benefits of living in this beautiful state outweigh the negatives…wait, who are we kidding? What negatives? Colorado is the perfect setting for just about every sport in the book. Many of our most beloved sports are considered high-impact sports, though; such as running, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. Any sport where there is increased impact on the joints and in the spine can be considered “high-impact”. Some common high-impact sports injuries can include knee injuries, sprains, strains, joint dislocations, ligament injuries, and neck and spine injuries.

Building strength and mobility in our joints, muscles and spine can lead to a healthy, active life. High-impact critics used to think that athletes of high-impact sports are ruining their joints and were on the decline of overall health. However, many recent studies show our bodies adapt and build stronger joints based on the type of physical activity we endure: and as we can clearly see with our own eyes, humans living an active lifestyle live longer and healthier lives, plain and simple. Sometimes, though, injuries do happen; and as our bodies get older healing and preventing injury become a bit more complex. Whether you are recovering from an injury, simply trying to prevent future injury, or wanting to enhance your overall performance, you absolutely need a chiropractor to support your athleticism.

As athletes, most of us have the unified goal of staying moving, staying active, and staying healthy. It is likely you would find a chiropractor in the call logs of most professional athletes: many well-known athletes accredit their chiropractors for assisting in their overall wellness, health, and performance. So before you think twice and second guess the impact on your body from your beloved sport; talk to a chiropractor. Chiropractic services are non-invasive, drug-free, and will support your already active, healthy lifestyle. Chiropractors can offer a variety of pain management therapies to keep you on the road, field, or court.

Overall wellness and longevity are generally the focus of athletic chiropractic services and building a relationship with a chiropractor will not only keep you moving, but it is perhaps the smartest investment into your overall health that an athlete can make. We all have heard, ‘a body in motion, stays in motion’, let’s keep our lifestyle impactful and our joints and spines healthy so we can stay in motion for as long as possible.