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Laser therapy for pain management!

One of the techniques we use here at Springs Chiropractic to help treat your pain or injuries is cold laser therapy. This innovative technique is great for pain management and can reduce the need for surgery on some cases. Laser Therapy Colorado Springs

Many of our patients have questions about what exactly cold laser therapy is and how it works. Low-level lasers are used in general therapy and healing process due to their good photo-bio-stimulation effects. At our offices we use the Class 4 Laser by LightCure, which is approved by the FDA. It goes up to 15 penetrating watts and is designed for treating larger muscle areas such the hips, shoulders, lower back etc. Treatment should always feel comfortable with a warm but not overly hot temperature penetrating the deep tissues of your muscles.

Cold laser therapy is among the cutting edge of medicine to treat sports injuries or chronic injuries. Before we used to treat these types of injuries with anti-inflammatories to help reduce the swelling and now we can use this technology which actually helps to stimulate the blood supply to the injuries muscle or ligament and encourage healing and reduce the swelling.

If you feel this technique would benefit you, or have any questions, please call our doctors here at Springs Chiropractic today. We offer two convenient locations in Colorado Springs, one on the North end and one of the South end. We look forward to treating you.

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LightForce Deep Tissue Therapy Laser Waiting Room Video
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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Medical Animation
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