Massage therapy for neck and shoulder pain

Millions of people across the country are suffering from neck and shoulder tension and pain right now. Whether your pain results from a sports injury, car accident, or activities of everyday life, neck and shoulder pain can be difficult to live with, inhibiting your movements, giving rise to headaches, and interfering with your quality of sleep at night. The shoulder blades (scapulae) are the bones which connect the humerus (upper arm bone) with the clavicle (collar bone) at the sterno-clavicular junction, where the sternum and clavicle come together. We need strong muscles to support the scapulae, which are wide, flat bones that provide an attachment for three different groups of hard working muscles.

Because of the load our shoulders bear, the muscles connecting our arms, shoulders, and neck often become tight and overworked. Regularly scheduled massage therapy helps ease your entire body, and can relieve your tired, overworked muscles and allow you to live without pain. Massage also helps keep your joints fluid and limber, reducing your chances of pulling a muscle. If your sore, tired, achy muscles are affecting your posture and flexibility, massage therapy can help restore a full range of motion and function, and allow your body to resume a healthy posture. Good posture benefits your muscles, bones, and internal organs, and allows your body to function as it was designed. Massage can even result in better blood pressure, a healthier heart rate, and increased relaxation in addition to relieving your body of stress.

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If you or a loved one are plagued with neck and shoulder pain and are seeking to get relief and return to participating in your favorite sport or just be better equipped to handle activities of daily living, give Springs Chiropractic a call today. You can find the help you need to operate at maximum capacity with our experienced, skilled doctors and therapists who offer various techniques, including therapeutic massage treatment, to help alleviate pains of all types. We offer individualized assessment and treatment at our North Colorado Springs location at (719) 531-7188, located at 1802 Chapel Hills Drive, Suite E, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, or our South location at (719) 527-6747, located at 2620 Tenderfoot Hill, Suite #10, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Give us a call today and get relief from your pain.