New Workouts to Try in the New Year

The holidays are over, the calendar has been turned to a fresh new page, and you may be looking for new workouts to try in the new year. If you work out on a regular basis, sometimes you need a change of pace to help you stay motivated and keep your workouts interesting. Changing up the way you work out can also be profitable; your body gets used to a certain type of workout over time, and although you need to stick with a routine to see results, you may need a challenge from time to time, to optimize your results.

Most experts believe changing your routine every six to eight weeks helps avoid hitting a plateau, but they agree that you can’t just rely on a calendar to tell you when it’s time to change things. Your body will tell you when the time has come to challenge your muscles more, and get the results you want to see in the mirror.

There are a few signs to watch out for that signal you may want to switch things up.
• If your workout suddenly becomes easy, your body has adapted to the demand you are placing on it, and it’s time to ramp things up in order to continue to see results.
• If you are getting bored, you will lose the motivation necessary to stick to your routine until you reach your goals. Enjoyment is a big part of being able to stay with a workout, so keeping it fun will go a long way toward staying consistent.
• If your goals change, such as a shift from weight loss to increased strength, make changes in your workout routine to reflect the changes in your goals.
• If you aren’t seeing any physical changes or experiencing an increase in appetite, and you’re keeping your diet consistent, your body has probably adapted to your routine.

Here are some suggestions for new workouts to try in the new year, if you are looking for a change, or a way to shake up the results you are getting from your current workout.

• Dance cardio. If you’ve spent all your time in the gym on free weights or a universal machine, why not jazz it up in the new year and try a Zumba class? Dance cardio is a great way to sweat and have fun at the same time. You can always start at the back of the room and follow along if you’re unsure of how to execute all the dance moves.

• Boxing. Here’s a tried and true method of working out your entire body that may get you the results you want. You don’t necessarily need to step into a boxing ring or have a sparring partner resembling Rocky Balboa to take advantage of this very effective workout. In 2017, boxing is going digital with, an online workout program touted as the world’s first virtual boxing experience.

• Hybrid classes. If you like variety, this may be just the ticket for you. Combining multiple workouts into one class help prevent joint injury caused by repetitive movements that put stress on your joints.

• The great outdoors. If you don’t mind a bit of cold weather, getting outside offers lots of options for getting your fitness groove on. More and more parks are offering “outdoor gyms” with the addition of pull up bars, stretching stations and even stationary bicycles. Getting outside for a few hours a week may help fend off those “winter blahs” and perk up your winter days, along with helping you stay in shape. Why wait until summer to get outside? Grab a friend, your hat and scarf, and go for a brisk walk or run.