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Has the joy gone out of your rides?  Are you coming back with more fatigue and new aches and pains?  You may have developed an overuse injury that is keeping your body from adapting and recovering from the normal stress of cycling.

Soft-tissue injuries and joint restrictions tend to be more common over time as the body’s recuperative abilities are often impacted by the aging process.  Pushing yourself too far when your body is not operating properly may lead to serious and prolonged injury.  Even if you have the best training habits, you sometimes need a little help.

Working with an experienced chiropractor who specializes in both sports injury and patients of a certain age can help you recover and stay in the saddle well into your later years.  Chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue treatments like massage therapy, and functional rehabilitation can reduce injury and other dysfunctions and greatly enhance performance and longevity.

You muscle tissue is a lot like the fibers in a paint brush.  They work best when the fibers are all free to move independently from one another.  When they get gummed up with adhesions the fibers tend to stick together and to the structures around it.  This causes your muscles not to function properly and corresponding pain.  Stretching doesn’t help.  You need to remove the adhesions and release the muscle fibers so they can function properly.

Chiropractic manipulation helps remove joint restrictions in the spine and extremities.  Massage therapy works on the muscle tissue at the surface and deep down as well as the connective tissue.  This enhances function, aids in the healing process, decreases muscle reflex activity, inhibits motor-neuron excitability and promotes relaxation and well-being.   The two work together to improve the functionality of the musculoskeletal system.

Injury may also be caused if your bike is not properly set up for your specific body and needs.  It is important to pay attention to how your bike fits your body.  Whether you ride off-road, on-road, casually or competitively, a properly fitted bike will allow you to ride comfortably, avoid injury and produce more power so you can go faster with the same or less effort.

A good cycling store can help fit your bike.  Five key areas to consider are:

      1. Frame size

      2. Saddle (seat) height

      3. Saddle position

      4. Saddle tilt

                    5. Handlebar position

An effective training plan coupled with chiropractic care and a properly fitted bike will result in immediate improvements in your performance, from speed, efficiency, range and ease of motion, and even accuracy of movement.


Riding Your Bike Pain Free Off Into the Sunset

Regular chiropractic care can help keep you on the road, and enjoying your runner’s high for a longer period of time