September 14, 2021
I’ve suffered with back pain for 10 years and had been on a pain medication regimen for approximately the same amount of time. At one point I was supposed to have invasive back surgery to fuse 2 of my vertebrae together.  Thankfully the insurance company turned that down.  I was looking into getting a spinal cord stimulator because I just hated taking the medication.  I felt like this was my life now and eventually I would end up having to increase the dose on my medication until I had no more options.  I was preparing to go on vacation and my back locked up completely so I googled chiropractors near my job. I found Springs Chiropractic and called. They weren’t even open yet so I left a message explaining my situation and pleading that someone could see me, today.  I received a call almost immediately after they opened and was able to get in within the hour.  I met Dr. Randy Knoche that morning and asked for an adjustment so I could enjoy my upcoming vacation.  I sort of brushed over my pain management situation but was pleasantly surprised when the doc circled back to the pain management thing.  He explained that he specialized in pain management if I was serious about stopping the medication.  I made an appointment to come back the next week, when I got back from vacation.  A week later I was brave enough to stop taking my medication. I’ve been coming here for about 7 weeks now.  I feel better than I have in years. I’ve also stopped taking any prescription pain medication for 5 weeks. When I shared that news with the Dr Knoche he high fived me… And then said “Actually, give me a hug!”  He was proud of me.  I love the genuine care I receive here.  I cannot thank Dr. Knoche and the staff at Springs Chiropractic enough for their dedication to me and my journey!!

-Jennifer Sepulveda
April 12, 2017

My hip and back pain was all consuming and altering my lifestyle to the point of not knowing what to do.  Following a recommendation from my orthopedic physician to seek chiropractic care I was told about Dr. Randy Knoche.  After several months of seeing Dr. Knoche I am happy to say

that I am making progress to the point of feeling like myself again.  Dr. Knoche is knowledgeable, caring, and professional in his approach to patient care.  His staff also have a very caring attitude and make me feel welcome every time I am in the office.  The office at Springs Chiropractic is organized and very professional.  I cannot emphasize enough how much Dr. Knoche has helped me “get my life back.”  Thank you Dr. Knoche and staff for everything you do.  I am pleased to be one of your patients and do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Randy Knoche and Springs Chiropractic. 

Jan Montroy


April 9, 2014

After years of living with extreme back and neck pain, I am happy to say I am 100 percent pain free!  My scoliosis appeared to get much worse after having my son.  Thankfully, I found Dr. Knoche.  During an adjustment, I mention that my pain was much worse after eating potato chips.  He explained that it may have something to do with a nightshade intolerance.   I completely removed them from my diet four months ago and cannot believe the difference!  I wish I had found Dr. Knoche’s office earlier because after 10 years of pain, I feel fantastic! 

Vicki Bunch 

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March 3, 2014


Dr. Randy Knoche and his staff are the very best.  I have gone to several Chiropractors over the past 40 years for lower back pain.  Various treatments were used which only provided temporary relief.  It was one year ago that Dr. Knoche diagnosed a iliopsoas problem, rather than simply a bad back.  He gave a few directives regarding ice, heat, etc.  In addition, he demonstrated some exercises to rehab the problem.  After two visits for the iliopsoas, along with his exercises, I was feeling much better.  So much better that I am riding my Harley again, but now pain free.  Last week I realized I had not been to see Dr. Knoche in quite some time and simply wanted to check in.  Dr. Knoche reviewed his records and said it has been almost a year since my last visit. This is the longest time frame between visits that I can remember.  Thank You, Dr. Knoche, and see you next year!
Craig Rauenzahn



Tower TopNature

One hundred ninety-six steps to the observation deck. And what a view from the top! A year ago I couldn’t have imagined being physically able to handle the rigors of a birding trip to the rain forests of Panama. Multiple problems with legs, knees and feet made going up and down even two or three steps a painful experience. Thanks to Dr. Knoche’s skill, wisdom, encouragement and gentle persistence over the last twelve months, I was able to tackle the steps to the top of the Discovery Center Tower with no need for pauses and absolutely no pain. I’m grateful for all the help I received from Dr. Knoche. One of his stellar qualities is his ability to lay out treatment options leaving the final decision in the patient’s hands. Dr. Knoche acknowledged my desire to avoid medical intervention and to work through the physical problems by means of adjustment and exercise. Weekly improvements were met with cheers and suggestions for new goals. I’m rejoicing in my freedom of mobility and grateful to Dr. Knoche for all he has done to help me to a much improved physical condition.


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Dr. Randy Knoche and his staff are highly professional in their approach to treatment and making their patients feel comfortable and most of all, listened to. My health has been what would be considered very good so when I began to experience pain originating in my lower back that I tolerated for over three weeks, I called Dr. Knoche’s office for an appointment and was seen the same day. After three treatments, my pain level went from 10 to 1. What a relief!! I would highly recommend Dr. Knoche to my family and friends.

Having never been to a chiropractor’s office before I was somewhat skeptical about going. Have no fear, they perform magic!!

Charlotte Hildenbrand

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April 28, 2013

I went to my doctor for lower back and leg pain, I was struggling to even walk.   I was referred to physical therapy, pain management,an MRI and chiropractic care. It took two weeks to get into PT,four weeks to get an appointment with pain management and another week to schedule a lower lumbar epidural. The MRI was done within three days and I was able to see Dr.Knoche within two days. On the second visit to Dr. Knoche he was able to review the results of the MRI and suggest a treatment plan. I was unable to see my  doctor for another week.       I am 60 and had never seen a chiropractor, I have always been a little skeptical. The original care he was giving me brought the only relief I had that first week. The treatment plan Dr. Knoche discussed with me included decompression therapy, I was even more skeptical about the results of a non-surgical procedure but since I was getting no other relief and wanted surgery only as a last option I agreed.  We started the decompression therapy right away. The progress was slow at first but brought me increased pain relief and more freedom of movement. Shortly I was walking and walking better each treatment. By the time I was scheduled for and received the epidural my pain on a scale of 1-10 had dropped from a 9 at first visit to a 3.

The decompression therapy has two treatment parts to each session. The first part is light therapy, which I found gave me relief and was even enjoyable. The second part is the decompression itself, while I did have some small discomfort at times the overall program was very successful and virtually pain free.  Dr. Knoche and his staff were informative, friendly and professional. I have enjoyed the care I was given.

Randy Stoller

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and it’s time. 

Dr. Randy-I just want to express my sincere thanks for the tremendous care you and your staff have given me these last few years.  You mentored me through what became a significant weight loss.  You helped release my inner athlete.  You educated me about food & exercise, encouraging healthier choices in both.  I have come from a heart attack going to happen to living a significantly healthier lifestyle.  My health fears have been transformed.

I so appreciate your staff, who always encourage me and care for me with various therapies when my body rebels, from massage to acupuncture (Thanks, Jim!)

Dr.  Randy – Thank you for what you do.  Thank you for providing complete care therapies.  My life has been immeasurably affected in such a positive way.  I owe you big time and will be ever grateful.  Looking forward to many more years of collaborative care – Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Live long and prosper!

Laurie Hafey

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January 25, 2010

As a senior tennis competitor, I have several times developed painful back problems which have not only interrupted my tennis playing but also limited my ability to do many other normal activities. In 1999, I first came to consult with Dr. Randy Knoche after treatment by other health professionals failed to provide relief. Those previous examinations and treatments included multiple x-rays, MRIs, and epidural cortisone injections for an alleged disc degeneration problem (which I subsequently learned from Dr. Knoche probably had very little, if anything, to do with my tennis induced problems).

I even consulted a neurosurgeon who, after examining me, advised that I never would be able to play tennis again and should confine myself to walking for exercise. As I was unwilling to accept this prognosis, I contacted Dr. Knoche who had been suggested to me by my family physician, Dr. Robert Tanabe. Dr. Knoche’s treatment had me back on the tennis courts and resuming normal activities in just a few weeks.

After moving from Colorado Springs to Phoenix, AZ in 2000, a similar back problem occurred in the Spring of 2003. I sought help from several chiropractors in Phoenix, but none provided significant relief. Fortunately, I returned to Colorado to teach at Colorado College that summer, so my first day back in Colorado Springs I went to see Dr. Knoche. Again, he was able to identify the underlying source of the problem (tight hamstrings in this case) and got me on an exercise program that resolved the problem in short order.

Unfortunately, after almost 7 pain-free years, another back problem appeared in late 2009. This time, after my initial efforts to seek relief in Phoenix were again unsuccessful, I did not hesitate to fly to Colorado Springs to get treatment from Dr. Knoche, the only person who has been able to help me in the past.

In sum, I have the greatest possible respect for the unique ability of Dr. Knoche to deal with back problems. I feel that he has indeed given me back my life when I have been desperate for relief. I highly recommend him (and have often done so) to anyone who is suffering from back problems. He is very special in his profession.

Mike Bird
Professor of Economics at Colorado College (retired)
Colorado State Senator (1986-94)

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 I have had severe pain from a bulging disc and sciatica for 3 years. After 2 decompression treatments, I was able to stop taking my daily Vicodin.  This is a “miracle” therapy for me.

Polly Herrington

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