Time to Age Gracefully: 6 Tips to Take to Heart

To Your Health
October, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 10)

Time to Age Gracefully: 6 Tips to Take to Heart

By Editorial Staff

No matter how young or old you are, there’s one indisputable fact that forms our collective reality: With each passing second, we’re all getting a little bit older. For many people, that fact can be a constant source of concern, particularly after a certain age, leading to plastic surgery and other invasive means to preserve their looks and health.
Why not try these natural, noninvasive methods instead to make the aging process as smooth and well, natural as possible? It’s about adopting lifestyle habits that make you feel good to be alive, no matter what age you are:

1. You are what you eat: And if you eat too much of the wrong stuff, your body will pay for it, from poor skin health to disease. Moderation is the key, including moderate intake of fat, sodium and nutrient-deficient foods. We all deserve a treat now and then, but make it just that: a treat. Pursue a high-fat, high-sugar, processed-food-heavy diet and you’ll end up with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more, reducing your quality of life as you age.

2. Active is awesome: Research links an active life with healthy aging and longevity, for two primary reasons: First, the more activities you involve yourself in (and enjoy), the better you feel. And how you feel is half the battle when it comes to aging. Second, activity in the form of exercise is vital to healthy aging; stay sedentary and your body will break down, create disease and put you exactly where you’ve spent too much time: lying down.

3. Count some sheep (and get some sleep): Adequate sleep, both quantity and quality, reduces disease risk, keeps you invigorated and keeps you looking younger. Get too little, particularly over time, and you’ll end up with dark circles, chronic fatigue and life-draining stress.

4. Make a few friends (or a whole bunch): Evidence suggests people who maintain healthy relationships and are socially active live longer than people who remain isolated with few or no friends.

5. Give your skin a break: From the sun, that is. While a little sun exposure helps produce vitamin D, too much can do tremendous damage, both in the form of skin cancer and general aging of the skin (wrinkling, spotting, dryness, etc.).

6. Stress can be a real killer: We mean it! Chronic stress has been implicated in a wide range of health conditions, and it dramatically impacts your life experience. Who wants to live a long, stressful life? Not us. Hopefully not you, either. Try yoga, meditation, new hobbies, more walks, better organization, improved communication and other tactics to fight off stress at every turn.

These tips may seem like no-brainers, but you’d be amazed how many people aren’t taking any of them to heart. What about you? If you’re overlooking any of this advice, there’s no better time to adopt one or more of the above and dedicate yourself to aging gracefully. We all deserve to age well – after all, who wants the opposite? Graceful aging takes work, but it’s work well-spent. Talk to your doctor for more information.