Why Americans Love Chiropractic

To Your Health
January, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 01)

Why Americans Love Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff

Findings from the most recent National Health Interview Survey providing data on the use of chiropractic and other complementary health care approaches by U.S. adults reveals why Americans utilize chiropractic and what they value most. The survey provides data on lifetime (54.6 million; 24%) and 12-month (19.1 million; 8.4%) use of chiropractic services and various sociodemographic characteristics. But the most intriguing data illuminates the primary reasons for visiting a doctor of chiropractic and the perceived health and wellness benefits received by chiropractic users. Why visit a chiropractor? Here’s why:

Reasons for Visiting a Chiropractor

  • For general wellness / disease prevention: 43.6%
  • To improve energy: 16.3%
  • To improve athletic or sports performance: 15.4%
  • To improve immune function: 11.4%
  • To improve memory or concentration: 5.3%

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Benefits of Chiropractic

  • Improves overall health or makes feel better: 66.9%
  • Helps to sleep better: 41.9%
  • Helps to reduce stress level or to relax: 40.2%
  • Makes it easier to cope with health problems: 38.5%
  • Gives a sense of control over own health: 32.5%
  • Helps to feel better emotionally: 27.4%

Overall Value in Maintaining Health and Well-Being

  • Very important: 47.9%
  • Somewhat important: 29.6%
  • Slightly important: 13.9%
  • Not at all important: 8.7%

Effectiveness in Helping Specific Health Problem

  • Helped a great deal: 64.5%
  • Helped some: 25.8%

Why Not Just See an Medical Doctor?

  • Chiropractic combined with medical treatment would help: 64.8%
  • Chiropractic treats the cause and not just the symptoms: 61.9%
  • Chiropractic is natural: 37.5%
  • Medical treatments do not work for specific health problem: 33.8%
  • Chiropractic focuses on the whole person: 24.9%
  • Medications cause side effects: 18.1%

So, let’s recap: U.S. adults visit doctors of chiropractic for a variety of health and wellness reasons (not just when they have back pain); the majority find it “very important” or “somewhat important” in maintaining their overall health and well-being, yet most all believe it is effective in helping their specific health problems; and chiropractic presents an all-natural, drug-free alternative to traditional medical care. Someone you know needs chiropractic!