The Holidays Don’t Mean Time Off from the Gym or Chiropractor

The Holidays Don’t Mean Time Off from the Gym or Chiropractor

As another year ramps up for the holidays, it’s easy to slack off and skip the gym or cancel your regular adjustment or acupuncture for a holiday party, kid’s Christmas pageant at school, or because you’ve had to spend a couple extra hours at the office before taking vacation days. Though we wonder where the time went, we must remember we put in some serious hours getting and staying fit and aligned this year.

Missing a workout or appointment is easy to rationalize during the holiday season, but it’s not a justification that holds merit when you find yourself on that slippery slope with your gym bag collecting dust, energy lagging, and that tweak in your shoulder flaring up again. You worked hard and remained diligent all year, even when you wanted to kick back on the couch instead of hitting the gym. You kept up with your adjustments or acupuncture, which provided the relief you needed to enjoy unimpeded and unrestricted movement and comfort. A week off can throw your body off, and it’s during the holidays when we should be the most mindful of our health.

The holidays are a busy time, and require extra energy, with family gatherings, shopping, and parties. Studies show that regular exercise increases energy and decreases fatigue. Your body wakes up from the inside with increased and more efficient blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the brain and your muscles. Your body’s reaction to exercise also results in increased mental acuity and alertness, and when endorphins are released from working out, feelings of pain relief and well-being occur.

When you skip a workout or two, both body and mind can suffer, and we don’t want to lose these benefits of exercise during this busy season. And, with the increased opportunity to eat more during this festive season, keeping your body burning calories is important to fending off extra pounds that can sneak up on us during the holidays.

Keep up with your workouts and your adjustments this holiday season to not only keep you fit and healthy, but to keep your mind sharp, energy up, and mood jovial.