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Many of us love to play the game of golf.  Spending a day enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of the golf course.  However, we can sometimes love golf too much and end up with a repetitive motion injury that can render us a spectator rather than a player.

We often see patients with golf injuries come into our Springs Chiropractic office.  Fortunately, chiropractic care has been shown to help alleviate the pain, stimulate the body’s own recovery process and improve mobility which can help reduce future injury.

Not surprisingly, more injuries occur as players get older as our joint and tendon tissues become less able to withstand the stress.  Many chiropractic treatments help rev up the body’s regenerative abilities.  For example Class IV Laser Therapy can help on several levels.  The laser helps enhance nutrient-rich blood flow to the problem area.  In addition, the laser delivers deep penetrating photonic light energy to induce profound physiological changes at the cellular level.  Cells soak up this light energy and convert it to cellular energy, which leads to rapid regeneration, tissue repair, and reduced scar tissue formation.  Studies have shown that impaired cells have a stronger response to laser light than healthy ones.

Golf requires explosive power to propel the ball off the tees and fairways.  This repeated stress on the body can lead to injuries.  Lower back pain is the most commonly reported golf injury, followed by elbow pain, shoulder pain, and foot and knee pain.

But, golf is not always the culprit.  We often injure ourselves doing other sports or activities, but it is further aggravated when we hit the links.

Staying active is one of the best ways to stay young and enjoy life.  Injury does not have to sideline you from doing what you love.  Whether it’s golf, skiing, tennis or some other sport, chiropractic care can help extend your playing for many years to come.


We Love Golf Too Much

Golf requires explosive power to propel the ball off the tees and fairways…